WodaCode 4s

Basic functions for optimizing cutting water

  • Filtration of solids >1μm
  • Filtration of chlorine, metals and gases
  • highest efficiency without the use of harmful chemicals
  • low-maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • easy to handle cartridge system
  • easy self-assembly -‘Plug-and-Play’ installation

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Our WodaCode4s and WodaCode filter systems protect the sensitive high-pressure system of waterjet cutting systems from contamination and thus reduce wear and maintenance costs.

  • Cost savings: Maintenance intervals of the high-pressure pump are extended by 50 – 500% with short service lives.
  • Operational safety: Water-related malfunctions or damage to the high-pressure pump are considerably reduced.
  • Fast amortization with moderate consumption costs for replacement filters and dosing additives.
  • Low service costs: low-maintenance and low-maintenance technical and electronic design
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